Pranic Healing mit Salma


Pranic healing is a synthesis of ancient healing methods that have been rediscovered, researched and tested over decades with proven success by the founder of Modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

It is a no-touch energy healing, based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity, capable of healing itself, and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the pranic energy level in the body.

Therefore, Pranic Healing is designed to accelerate our innate ability to heal physically, emotionally or mentally.

A Pranic Healing treatment involves cleansing of the entire aura and all the chakras related with the physical or emotional discomfort, and then energizing them with prana.

The body is composed of the visible physical body and the invisible body that is also known as the energy body, etheric body, bioplasmic body or the aura. These two bodies are interconnected; it means what affects one, affects the other. Hence healing the energy body and the chakras has substantial relief on the physical body.


  • 1:1 Pranic Healing Session: 70€
  • Package of 5 healing sessions: 320€ instead of 350€
  • Package of 10 Pranic Healing sessions: 600€ instead of 700€

The healing sessions last 30minutes to one hour depending on the case.

Payment is due before the sessions.


Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine but rather to complement it. For severe ailments and persistent symptoms, the affected persons are advised to consult a medical practitioner / doctor to get proper medical treatment. Pranic Healers not doctors are neither authorised nor competent to make medical diagnosis or give medical prescription and are strictly prohibited from giving medical advice or interfering with the medical advice given by a competent medical practitioner/doctor.

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Salma has chosen Pranic Healing as a way to serve people by helping them remove energy blockages preventing them from being their best selves, and to accompany them in their healing journey.

Having witnessed how Pranic Healing helped her personally, and how through it she could help her family and friends, she decided to extend these benefits to a larger number of people.

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